Rural Supplies

Oils & Lubricants

Keeping your machinery maintained is important in the rural industry. we have a great range of Prolube Lubricants available in store everything from 20l to 205l available.


At Frank Lowe & Sons we can supply any of your fertiliser requirements from small bags to bulk 1 tonne bags. We can find the right blend for you to ensure that you are getting the best out of your crop investment. No matter how big or small we will have what you need and can deliver for you.

Farm Management

When you spend all that time and money getting your crop up and going. You need to ensure that you keep it weed and pest free. Our extensive range of herbicides & pesticides will help you keep all the unwanted out of your crop.

No matter what size you are after we will have it here waiting for you. So if you just need to keep the weeds and pest out of your house or across the entire farm come in and pick up what you need. If your not sure what you need then talk to our friendly staff and we will recommend the best product for you.

If your looking for additional information or MSDS on our chemicals please visit our supplier sites below.